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dj justin fresh

Fresh is the word that embodies everything Justin is passionate about in music.  New, crisp, clean, and smooth are all synonymous that describe the sounds that he mixes and creates. Justin got his start in his hometown of Kansas City during the peak of the Mash-Up trend in 2003. Partnering with another KC dj, the two launched a one-stop-shop production company.  Through the company, Justin expanded his dj-ing spinning for crowds at some of the hottest clubs in the Midwest.  Always feeling an urge to do something new and different, his music interests began to shift.  With his early musical roots in underground hip-hop from the 90s, Justin always felt connected to a sound that interfaced a hot dance beat with soulful lyrics and raps.  In 2008, after having been introduced to the NYC house music scene, he began experimenting with a fusion of rich house beats, new indie rock, rap, and electro.  This new fresh sound inspired him so much that he decided to take it to the city that never sleeps, moving his budding dj career to NYC in 2009.  With his Technics SL1200's in tow, he made a name for himself jumping into the NYC club scene with a residency at the stylish Hotel Gansevoort and appearing in feature films like "Something Borrowed" starring Kate Hudson.  While dj-ing will always be his first love, 2016 marked another turning point in his career attacking new sounds in production; creating new music for himself and other djs around the world. He is now back in his hometown exploring music production. With his consistent perserverance of newness and classic, Dj Justin Fresh promises to be a pioneer in bringing heart and soul back into dance music.

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